Thursday, December 27, 2012

GNW-20000 Arche Gundam

Here is my HG Arche Gundam.

This guy was also an entry in the Mechalounge Mecha Contest 2012 OOB category.
Honestly I don't like the design much... It is really flimsy kit and all its protuberances make it really difficult to work with. Also I really messed up on the sword for this guy. This was my first masked kit and I used the blue 3M tape (don't follow my example) to do the job (yes the same tape people use when they paint their walls). It was also my first time shading. Paint was Testors acrylic and top coated with future/pledge. Primer was either Krylon gray primer or Rustoleum gray. Anyway...


Well that's all for this guy. Tell me what you guys think!


  1. Even though you don't like the design or your finish I gotta say I really like your paint on this man!! Looks killer. (Plus I must say that many people agree with you on the design but I love it haha. I love the booty feet!) Great work bro!

    1. Thanks bro! Yeah actually the look and shape of the kit are not too bad (probably not going to be a favorite of mine but the design grows a little bit on you after a while) it's the joints that really make the kit frustrating. Haha its thanks to my bad camera that you can't see the worse mistakes. (Notice how you only seem to see one side of the sword xD). Thanks alot for commenting!