Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tiger Acguy

Ok so here is my HG Acguy that I entered in mechalounge's Mecha Contest 2012.

I was very lucky to have been chosen for judge's pick.

Basically I hoped design a color scheme that was unique and so I went with a tiger stripe scheme.

There were quite a few jokes concerning Tony the Tiger during the build.

Well here it is:

I was very honored to have been featured on DC23's blog. You can see it here. My mechalounge post is here. It's all the same pictures really... Please tell me what you think!


  1. Lol this one reminds me of winnieh the pooh(or however its written lol)

    Btw, can you add a follow button? want to follow your blog, and maybe put a link up on my blog to yours.



    1. Hahah yeah that was the second most common reference. Tigger the Tiger xD
      I hope that the follow button was the right one?... I'm not sure. Still trying to figure out how this blog works xD.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. if you go to outlay(dunno exactly what its called in english lol since I got the dutch version in my blog options). If you add the gadget 'my followers' people can follow your blog that way too. then it shows up on the blogspot homepage for the subscribers

    Just a tip.

    Added your blog to my links too

    1. you got a follower lol. cant wait to see more of you paintjobs.

  3. nice photos coupled with a great build. this is very good work my friend! great photos!! love the one with him balancing on one hand! hope you are good my friend. havent seen you around much lately on the lounge

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sneeper! Really appreciate it. Sorry I know I've been away for a while but I had seven AP tests that I just finished up and SAT subject tests coming up tomorrow. Might be around summer before I can really get back into the hobby. Thanks again for commenting! Always good to hear from a friend.
      By the way, for whatever reason I am unable to comment on your blog (as well as other people's) but just wanted to say that your saber tiger is look amazing! Can't wait to start my own