Friday, December 28, 2012

WIP #2 SD Zaku Gunner (Color Separation Tutorial)

This is the second WIP for my SD zaku as well as a tutorial for color separation which is very useful when building SD and HG grade gundam (and probably other kinds of kits as well).

Ok. So there are a few annoying things about the SD Zaku gunner. The black pipe parts on the waist are connected directly to the red skirt parts. If I were to do seam line removal on the skirts, the black parts would be "locked in" and it would require masking. So I did my first ever modification.

The Yellow arrows mark where the two pieces fit into each other and lock.

Close up. (Just ignore the piece of tape there)

So I simply scribed/sawed off the little part that stuck out and I could simply slide the black piece in and out. Tadah. Separated.

All put together. I love how threatening my little zaku looks in this picture xD.
Ok even more separation. The shoulder armor covers the upper arm and that can be a little bit annoying when you are trying to paint the upper arm and the shoulder armor has been cemented together for seam-line removal.
So i cut out a little bit of the bottom part of the circle that holds the armor in place so that it can be clicked into place even after cemented together.

Comments and criticism please!

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