Thursday, January 17, 2013

MG Tallgeese I Inspiration

Well I decided to check out some of the few pre-release pictures of the MG Tallgeese I just to get a sense of proportions and check out some of the features (such as the flaps on the skirts) for my HG Tallgeese III build.
Well I have to say the MG version looks very very good so far. Somethings are kind of different from the old 1/144 release but I don't think that will be too big of a deal for my build. Anyway the pictures will say it all.

These pictures are great inspiration but make my modifying so much more difficult hahah. I wish they showed if the side skits flip up and the angling of the pictures just miss some key spots I needed to see. Oh well. Pictures were found here. Enjoy guys!

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