Friday, January 4, 2013

Tallgeese III Review

Well here it is. My HG 1/144 Tallgeese III review.

I got the clear and metallic version of the kit so it is slightly different from the normal version but I have done my research and my review should cover both. So before I say anything else:

This kit was produced in 1998, and keeping that in mind we should not expect too much out of it. However, from some reviews I have read, this kit does not quite meet the standards of other kits from its own generation.
Here are the runners. For those that have or are going to buy the normal version be warned that all the runners come in ALL WHITE.

From the runners you can see that it includes the parts to make Tallgeese OG and Tallgeese II as well as the third one. You can also see that the hands are made from rubber. That was quite a disappointment for me. I will have to find or recast other hands when I build the kit. Another big let down was the fact that the whip was molded entirely in once piece. No articulation whatsoever.

For people that have purchased the "special edition" the plastic does not behave quite the same as the standard styrene you find in the kits. It is harder as well as more brittle. I am hoping I do not have trouble cementing the pieces together for seam line removal.

Other comments: The plastic does have more flash than the more modern kits. Some pieces also leave a little bit more of a gap when snapfitted.

There are also some dents along the edges from when the runners were cast.

Sorry it's a little bit hard to see but it's there.
Here it is all snapfitted.

Well, here are the legs. Probably to worse part of the whole kit. It's hip joints are extremely weak and if I grip the torso and shake it, the legs wiggle a lot...

Ok so the right leg (it's right) is held together by tape because the leg is held together by only two pins and I broke one of them because the clear plastic is incredibly brittle. The trapezoid shape at the front of the lower leg has been carved out (they do not come like that). I got ahead of myself and already started modifying the kit.
The the articulation of legs when attached to the hip is even more limited by both the design of the socket and the static skirt. Since the skirt cannot move, the legs can barely move to the sides and the same goes for forward and backward.
Now. My favorite part of the whole kit. The upper torso. It really is quite amazing for such an old kit, it gets better articulation than many of the newer ones.
I'm really quite impressed by the upper torso. It is also much more solid that the legs.
Now are the arms and jet pack things which interestingly are attached to the shoulders. I like the movable flaps on the jet packs and also the thrusters that are hidden inside. However the flaps and thrusters move independently of each other and it can become difficult to swing the thrusters out.

There are also fins that I have removed simply for the sake of not letting them get stuck in their places before I paint.
The second picture was intended to demonstrate how the silver (in my case) band shoulder armor can also be rotated down. Ultimately the shoulders are rather bulky and hinder movement in many cases however these were added simply to follow the original MS design so they cannot be removed. Modification can potentially cure the problem by allowing for more articulation thus giving the jet packs the ability to move out of the way.
Finally are the weapons:

Not much to say about these guys. The shield and cannon can be attached to the shoulders or held in the hand (the cannon can do both simultaneously). The whip can be connected to the bottom of the shield and as stated before, the full extended whip comes as one whole piece. The cannon is stuck in the open position (I read somewhere that the "real" thing could close?). I have neglected to upload a picture of the beam saber because honestly its just a one piece clear (again it will be white if you have the normal edition) saber that barely shows up on camera.
Final Thoughts:
The HG 1/144 Tallgeese is an interesting kit. There are some nice things about it and from what I know there are quite a few people that really like the Tallgeese MS design. However being an old kit, there are also a number of flaws, the molding, the whip, the legs, even some of the details on the head are molded badly. It provides the pieces for the other two Tallgeeses but in reality they are not molded in any higher quality.
However, from my two inspiration posts: (here and here) you can see that with some modification the kit can turn out really well.
So. I would recommend this kit to people well experienced in molding, especially modification. (OOB masters sorry but hey the new MG Tallgeese OG is soon to be released!) For beginners who have just started or people who just snapfit and collect the kit I would not recommend it (I mean who would want an all white kit with ugly proportions?) If you need to the kit to complete an HG collection then by all means, but I would recommend only the more experience to try this kit.

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