Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thoughts on GBWC 2012

Champion Piece modeled by Eday
Photo credits: Gundam Guy
Well its a new year and I'm gearing up for GBWC 2013 and have big plans.

While looking through 2012's winners I was impressed by all of the great works this year. Competition seemed especially high 2012 and I recommend looking through all of the works from all of the countries. Something else that really caught my eye was the incredible amount of negative response to the results. I really do believe that in this hobby people should give feedback for the sake of forwarding the world mecha-modeling community. However, there many things that you can say without being vulgar or profane. Those that have admonished the critics are not any better. One saying comes to mind right now and I really wish more people would live by it:

"Just enjoy the hobby guys!" -DC23

Anyway, these are just my quick thoughts. I am very grateful to be able to participate in this hobby. Congratulations to the GBWC 2012 winners and participants. I hope to compete with you all this year!

Enjoy the hobby guys.

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