Sunday, February 17, 2013

HG 1/144 Rick Dom II

Sharing some of my old work. This was my second ever painted kit and my first time priming. The kit itself was a gift from a very good friend of mine. I used decanted Krylon primer but it dried to fast and it hit the plastic dry causing a dusty effect. Silly me hoped that it wouldn't be a problem if I ignored it and proceded to spray the paint. The paint was a mess for me too. I used Behr extra white. Some of you may recognize that as the paint you use for walls. I thought it was enamel paint at first (because that's what the can said) but it turned out it was laytex acryllic. The paint was too thick so I thinned it with water. It was a pain to clean from the brush. Oh well all part of the learning experience.

Yeah as you can see the "dusty" primer caused the paint to be extremely rough. The texture was kind of interesting so I just kept it. I didn't know it it would cause any problems to try panel lining so I just didn't. Another big issue is the seam lines. I was relatively new to the hobby and so I didn't really bother too much about the seam lines. I did a pretty good job removing the ones on the shoulder armors but the big one on the gun stands out alot. Also since it was sprayed as two pieces the color does match up too well. Last issue I'll mention is that since the primer was so thick, the paint scratched alot when I was fitting the parts together (especially on the arms). Oh well...

More pictures.

Thanks for looking!

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