Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MG Kits Bandai Should Release

I feel like a bit of a copy cat but I got this idea from Waylander and Toymaker. Actually I had already started a similar thread on Mechalounge. Anyway here are some kits that Bandai should release: (not arranged in any particular order)

1. Kapool

Goodness the first release of this kit was in antiquity. Anyways I love the unorthodox design. Very cool kit.

2. Gerbera Tetra
Ok so this kit has a billion different resin versions and bandai has one ancient 1/144 scale...
3. Xi Gundam

Very nice looking design in my opinion. They are releasing a fix figuration version but who actually buys that? Anyway I think the actual suit is suppose to be enormous so an MG might not be possible but an HG release at least please.

4. Kshatriya - Honestly, people have been begging for this kit forever. I'm not even that big of a fan of the Mobile Suit but I think the kit is well worth developing even from a purely buisness standpoint.

5. Stutzer Mobile suits - Ok. I cheated this isn't A mobile suit but three. The design is really cool one all of them however and though relatively unknown now, they might become quite popular if Bandai would make a kit out of them.

6. Geara Zulu - Hey why not? We can always do with more zaku-ish grunt suits. (I mean they're releasing and MG Jesta so why not a Zulu?)

7. Deepstriker - How did I forget about this guy...

8. Turn X - I honestly don't know what else to put on this list so I think a Turn X wouldn't hurt.

Anyway... thanks for watching! What kits would you like to see?

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