Thursday, February 21, 2013

WIP #1 Zaku Head Display

This SD Zaku project was originally for the Mecha Contest 2012 but due to lack of materials I didn't complete it. Recently I have decided to change the idea into just a zaku head display since the head is so big I can just make a up to scale torso/neck/collar. For now I have no pictures of my progress since the competition but I will post the progress I made during the Mecha Contest 2012.

Here's the kit snapfitted.

LED installed in the mono-eye.

The pictures not too clear but here are some pictures of the how I installed the LED in the head. The on one of the leads was just to keep the two leads from touching.

Attached wires.

Here's the inside of the head.

I also made some modifications such as extended front skirts on the SD Zaku. However, since that progress is irrelevant to the head display work, I won't post that unless someone requests it.

I have since sanded down the LED so that it doesn't stick out so far. I have also started scratch building the chest plate. I will post pictures of the progress when take them.

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