Monday, February 25, 2013

WIP #2 HG 1/144 Tallgeese III

Well I should have posted this stuff along time ago but ... I didn't. Anyway here it is, more progress on the HG Tallgeese III:

So my plan is to make an mg styled hip for the legs and so I sawed off the little bump thing at the top where the PC pieces was housed.

Not really in order, but I sawed off part side skirts because they hindered leg movement. I will modify them so they can move up and down.

Back on track: both thighs sawed.

Now I wish I had a picture of the MG Red Frame hip to show you were I'm drawing my inspiration. If you look carefully at the above and below pictures you will notic that part of the piece on the left is sawed off so that the hip joint once connected can pivot (like turning you leg so that the foot faces slightly outward). I hope that makes sense.

Close ups to show the difference.

Done on both thighs.

This is where I am planning on installing the PC piece to attach the hip joint to.

Now work on reshaping the foot. If you look here (somewhere in there), you can see that the feet are incredibly big and ill-proportional. In other words: ugly. So I need to resculpt it.

For more articulation I cut off the front from the back part of the foot.

So basically I sanded the two parts of the feet along the edge that they meet. After doing this for a long time I succeeded in narrowing the foot.

Comparision: The left foot is slightly narrower. I later sanded more to make the effect more apparent.

Ok so drawin inspiration from the newly released MG Tallgeese, I reshaped the front of the foot.

Side view: You can see where I cut off the front part of the toe.

Yup thats all for now. I've been busy with school recently so probably will be a while until more progress on this guy.

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