Sunday, April 21, 2013

WIP #3 Project Ozymandias

So now my "Zaku Head Display" has an official name "Ozymandias" named after Percy Shelley's poem - the inspiration for this build. Anyway. Recently I learned that when making WIPs its easier just to keep updating the same post but I guess that will have to wait until my next project.

Here's the progress: This is the side of the upper torso so far (you might need to be familar with the Zaku's design to know what I'm talking about ). I will be making a mirror version after this.
There is an LED installed inside. So far the sides are only covered up with strips of pla-plate but they will be covered up with Milliput and then sanded down. The tape inside is to keep the Milliput from simply falling through the gaps and just filling the inside.

Ok so I also used a extra part from a Zoids Saber Tiger as the "cap". The hole was made slightly larger intentionally so that when the LED is lit some of the light filters through the gap.

So I've actually already started the Milliput sulpting process but am not quite done. I will post that in a later update. That's all this time. Thanks for looking!

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