Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SD RX-78-2 Review

Even though this post will be put under the review section, it is really just a quick discussion of the kit and what I plan to do with it. I'd imagine that people can still use this as a review.
Anyway this is a kit I got over the summer in Taiwan and the first kit I gotten in a long time. My plans for this is simple. Original color scheme with shading and some simple color separation. I hope to make this my cleanest build yet.

Here's the kit:

One of the biggest issues of the kit is painting the eyes. Unless I were to mask up the whole face it would be impossible to paint because I cannot remove and replace the eyes without taking apart the head. As you can see in the pictures above taking apart the head means leaving a huge seamline on the side. The eye pieces having to be painted two colors (which means masking already) only furthers the problem. Also the red part under the eyes will also need to be masked. That being said I will need to design a way to be able to remove the eyes without taking apart the head. I have some ideas in mind and will post them in the WIP.

More seamlines. Typical of SD kits.

I have already removed the seamlines on the "leg" pieces


More seamlines.

And more seamlines again.


And action shots.

The shoulder armor piece is a little bit plain and I'm tempted to make some aesthetic mods.

Overall the kit is decent. You don't really expect much articulation or anything with SD kits. In terms of detail it has a good amount. There really isn't much on the original RX-78-2 anyway. The need for color separation can (depending on the modeler) be both really fun or really annoying. One major flaw I would say the kit has is the design of the legs. The back portion of the foot (the heel) is attached to the rest of the leg and the front part is mobile and able to pivot. This is really kind of a bad design since it means that only the front part of the feet can stay flat on the ground if the legs are spread to the side a little bit more.

That's all. Hope you found this useful.

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