Sunday, October 6, 2013

WIP Project Ozymandias

It has been forever since I updated this blog. I've been too busy applying for college and SAT and whatnot. Anyway here is my SD Zaku Head WIP now officially named Project Ozymandias, named after the poem by Percy Shelley from which I got my inspiration.
I learned from Toymaker that it would probably be more organized to simply do one big WIP so I will be updating this post instead of making a ton of individual ones. Again big thanks to Kamm who donated the pla-plates that I am currently using in this scratch-build Zaku. Also, I also got a dremel tool as recommended by thelmosengine and so I can't wait to see what I do with that. Anyway no commentary this time, just pictures:

I know the edges aren't very sharp right now but I've already fixed that and I will upload more pictures in the next post. Also since I missed the deadline for GBWC this year, I'll be moving this project's deadline for GBWC 2014.

EDIT 10-8-2013: I just realized that a lot of what is said in this post was already said in the previous post. I've been gone to long...

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