Tuesday, October 15, 2013

WIP SD RX-78-2 Updated: 10-18-2013

Update: 10/18/2013 =====================================================

More modifications. I cut out the face of the gundam and then resulted the sides of the faceplate. Again I used Milliput epoxy putty.

This is a close up of the pegs that hold up the face and how I cut them so that I can snap the face in.

So now I can removed the seamlines.

All primed up.

Now the face can be insert upward from under the helmet and clicked into place.
WIP Started: 10/15/2013 =====================================================

With the new release of the RX-78-2 ver 3.0, I thought I might join in on the RX-78-2 party. Actually not really. I just thought it might be fun to have the original gundam in my collection even if I can only afford the SD version. So here it is. My goal for this build is really just one word: clean. Clean paint job with original colors shaded. Clean color separation modifications. Here's what I've done so far.

Seamline removal.

So in order to paint the hands a different color from the rest of the arm (which will lock the hand piece in place once the seamline is removed) the peg of the had has been modified so that the hand can be maneuvered into the hole that holds the hand in place. The rest of the pictures show how it works. This is the before and after of the peg the one on the left is unmodified and the one on the right as been carefully cut with a hobby knife.

Notice how the hand in this picture is upside down. Once it is turn right side up the part of the peg that was not cut off will now keep the hand in place so that it does not fall out.

Here's some gap filling. I used Milliput epoxy putty.

There's a really bad seamline on the torso. Here are the modifications I made to the yellow pieces (that would have been locked in once the seamlines removed) so that i can paint them separately and not have to mask a lot.

This way the painted yellow pieces can be reattached after everything has been painted. The pictures above and the diagrams show how the piece looked before and after.

That's all. Hope that was helpful. I need to go do my college application essays now haha.

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