Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP Gamecube Portable (Part 1)

Updated 12/2/2013=======================================================
So this part is not actually a part of the portable but more like an add on tool.
SD Card to Gamecube Memory Card Slot Adapter

Also bought another SD adapter for the micro SD card.

Updated 11/29/2013=======================================================
Wired up an SD Gecko. I'll test to make sure it's working soon after I finish my Memory-card-slot-to-SD-card adapter.

Updated 11/20/2013=======================================================
After 4 hours or so...

Internal memory card all wired up. Re-organized some of the wires. Also, heat sink also arrived today.

Posted 11/17/2013==========================================================

Most of my work in progress for my Gamecube Portable will be "secret" mostly because I like that element of surprise. If you want a hint as to what is special about this build, if I were to make a code name for this project it would be "Streetlamp". Try some word association and research. Anyway, a blank WIP is boring so here's a little bit of what I've done so far.

Here's the speaker I used. The case probably only lasted for about 5 minutes from the time it arrive at my doorstep before I took it apart.

Here is the case I had originally bought from Polycase. It is actually really big (10" x 7" x 3"). I have since changed my original designs so this case is now obsolete.

Here are some tact switches, other switches, and a headphone jack I bought.

I took apart the headphone jack just to see how it worked. Also I drew up a new diagram which I think should work. The printed diagram is one I found on the internet.

Super Smash Bros.... I used to play this so much with my friends.

Here's the modchip. The penny is for size comparison: to show how incredibly tiny all of that soldering was. Really frustrating stuff. Lucky for me I got it by the second try.

Here is the wheel potentiometer I bought. For whatever reason it just won't work. I get a horrible high pitch whining noise whenever I turn the potentiometer down past halfway... I'm going to try to install a slide potentiometer I salvaged off a Gameboy SP.

The screen is a 7" screen usually used as car back-up camera screens.

Just the assembly.

Hope you like it so far.

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